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Al Aqsa Security

Al-Aqsa Security & Protection Company was established in 2005 It is the first company in the field of security and protection to obtain all the necessary licenses to carry out the work in order to provide a high and effective level of security and protection services to the public, private institutions and important events. The company's headquarters are located in Amman _ Gardens - Al Haj Investment Fund Complex _ 2 _ Office No. 203,and manages the company's qualified security and administrative cadres and has long experience in this field.

The staff and security staff are selected from military retirees, security services and age up to 45 years. The company trains them at a high level.

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 To ensure the management of the company to find cadres of both sexes within a high program dealing with all cases in the field of security and protection staff were tested within the following terms and conditions

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Those who have served in the Jordanian armed forces, public security or other security agencies have practical experience in the field of security
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Good behavior and good hospitality and as well They are provided with security by the competent security authorities
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have practical and scientific experience in the field of security and protection Obtain the training sessions to use security equipment